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NHL League Sources Confirm Shocking Reason Why Flyers Traded Cutter Gauthier

Published January 9, 2024 at 8:52

Today we saw an unusual trade happen in the NHL. Two former top-ten picks in the NHL draft were traded for each other.

Flyers Swap Gauthier For Drysdale In Massive Unexpected Trade

The trade was essentially a top prospect swap as the Flyers sent their top prospect Cutter Gauthier to the Ducks in exchange for former top defense prospect Jamie Drysdale. Drysdale's value has fallen as he has struggled to adjust to the NHL so far in his young career so the Ducks had to throw in a 2nd round pick as well.

TRADE ALERT: We have acquired defenseman Jamie Drysdale and a second-round selection in the 2025 NHL Draft from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for forward Cutter Gauthier.

NHL Sources Provide Reasoning For Prospect Trade

When the trade was first reported, many in the hockey world were understandably confused. However, NHL insiders quickly added some important context to the deal which makes it make a lot more sense for the Flyers. Apparently, Gauthier had no interest in playing for, or even talking with, the Flyers. Frank Serravalli was the first to report this.

Following Frank's initial tweet, several other NHL insiders confirmed that they had heard the same thing. Among them is the ever reliable Pierre LeBrun.

Wowzers. This is one we get to look back on in 10 years and re-examine.
As @frank_seravalli said, Gauthier didn't want to sign with the Flyers and I'm told wouldn't meet with the Flyers front office to let them explain their plan. Flyers made best of it given those circumstances.

All of this sounds like Gauthier handled this situation a bit immaturely. He reportedly went out of his way to avoid speaking to Flyers representatives in Sweden during the world juniors. It is one thing if he was simply trying to focus on the tournament, but clearly, other things were going on. Surely, Flyers fans will let this slide when he makes his first NHL visit to the city as a member of the Ducks. Philadelphia sports fans have always been known for their brand of hospitality.

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NHL League Sources Confirm Shocking Reason Why Flyers Traded Cutter Gauthier

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