Jesse Puljujarvi to Montreal: Oilers' asking price still ridiculously high

Published December 15, 2022 at 2:34 PM

One of the biggest targets in the NHL right now is Jesse Puljujarvi in Edmonton. The former fourth overall pick's stay is inevitably coming to an end with the club that selected him in 2016.

The organization seems ready to part ways with the enigmatic Finn who has yet to properly establish himself in the NHL. With one year left on his contract before becoming a restricted free agent, the big winger could catch the eye of other teams, but the mystery remains around the Oilers' asking price.

It was confirmed by informants that the Habs were particularly interested in acquiring him last summer, but given that the price was too high, Kent Hughes gave up going further.

However, Puljujarvi's disastrous start to the season, combined with Edmonton's persistent desire to get rid of his contract, could have drastically lowered his acquisition price. With only six points, including a single goal in 30 games so far, it's clear that the 24-year-old forward isn't helping the Oilers' cause.

Well, today we learnt that the price still hasn't changed for number 98. Informant Elliotte Friedman reported that the demand has remained the same, although there are no takers, as in the last draft. The team's GM, Ken Holland, still wants a second round selection for his player.

Given that the 2023 draft is one of the deepest, teams are certainly more reluctant to trade second-round picks that could land first-round talent, and with good reason.

Additionally, Puljujarvi remains a huge gamble that may not work out, even with a change of scenery. At his current rate of production, he won't even break the 20-point barrier.

That's also why teams are being very patient with him. Also, it seems clear that Edmonton's demand is bound to drop as the trade deadline approaches, and let's not forget about Evander Kane's salary, which will have to be added back into the payroll at some point, as there is currently no room to reactivate his contract.

It is for all these reasons that the price for Jesse Puljujarvi is still too high for my taste to be traded to Montreal.

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Jesse Puljujarvi to Montreal: Oilers' asking price still ridiculously high

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