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Jack Eichel Shares Two Amusing Anecdotes Involving Phil Kessel

Published December 17, 2023 at 12:34

Jack Eichel recently appeared on the Empty Netters Podcast, where he shared an amusing anecdote about Phil Kessel, adding another layer to Kessel's legendary reputation in the hockey world.


Eichel Shares Hilarious Anecdote on Kessel

In the interview, Eichel discussed Kessel's unique contribution to the team. He recounted an incident involving Kessel and Jonathan Marchessault. The two were engaged in a flinching contest before a game, trying to make each other back down. The playful challenge took an unexpected turn when both players moved forward simultaneously, resulting in Marchessault needing stitches and Kessel developing a noticeable bump on his forehead. Kessel wasn't too happy after the incident.

"God damn it, eh. F*ckin Marchy headbutted me. Look at this massive egg I got on my head."

Eichel also shared an intriguing detail about Kessel's post-game routine.

Eichel's Surprising Insight into Kessel's Post-Game Habits


Following the game, the Golden Knights traveled by train from Montreal to Ottawa, a two-hour journey. Kessel, bothered by the bump on his head and a groin injury, insisted that drinking Coca-Cola was the best remedy. Eichel amusingly noted that Kessel consumed 4-5 cans of Coke during the train ride.

"After the game were taking a train to Montreal and Phil was like my head is just killing me. I gotta have a couple cokes.

Kessel's eventual return to the NHL is eagerly anticipated for more such entertaining stories and memorable moments.

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Jack Eichel Shares Two Amusing Anecdotes Involving Phil Kessel

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