Huge surprise for Matvei Michkov

Published August 3, 2023 at 1:14 PM

Since the 2023 NHL draft last June, there have been many comments to the effect that Matvei Michkov may be very talented, but he would be a bad apple in a locker room.

The Flyers and Daniel Brière took a risk that six other teams weren't willing to take in selecting him, and it could pay off in the end.

According to Jamey Baskow, which covers the Flyers' activities, Mishkov was used at center in his first KHL off-season game, and the team's intention is to make him a number-one center.

"Really impressed with Matvei Michkov in his first game as a center. He fights hard for loose pucks. [...]

He looks good as a 200-foot player, and he has a goal and an assist to boot."

- Jamey Baskow

We've even dug up some videos for you, courtesy of Marco Normandin.

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Huge surprise for Matvei Michkov

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