Hockey Player Passes Away After Blatant Disregard For Safety Rules By League

Published November 27, 2023 at 4:24 PM

Over the weekend it was announced that yet another hockey player has passed away on the ice. This time due to blatant disregard for player safety by the league.

Hockey Player Passes Away In Russia

Recently it was announced that 62-year-old goaltender Nikolai Kuznetsov passed away this weekend during an amateur hockey league game. His team was warming up when the player passed out. He passed away before medical help could arrive.

What is the cause of death? We don't yet have all the information ourselves. I personally wasn't here at the game. It happened late. Goalkeeper Nikolai Kuznetsov was 62 years old. We are in touch with the hockey player's relatives. We will help them in everything." Director of SHL (Russian amateur league) Sergei Stolyarov

Along with this statement that announced that the league did not have the best safety protocols to help players.

Russian League Disregards Safety Protocols

According to further statements from the league, an ambulance was not on-site during games. This was due to teams not wanting to have more expenses.

We talked with the teams before the season. They refused to take ambulances because it would make the championship more expensive. We will gather the division council. We are definitely in favor of ambulances being present at matches.

These irresponsible actions of this league should set an example of what not to do for other leagues. Taking care of players and their safety should be the top priority for any sports league whether it is amateur or professional.

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Hockey Player Passes Away After Blatant Disregard For Safety Rules By League

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