Hockey Insider Slams The NHL After Alex Pietrangelo Punishment Was Announced

Published May 12, 2023 at 7:47

Late Thursday evening the NHL Department of Player Safety handed down their punishments from game four of the Golden Knights vs Oilers series.

Oilers defenceman Darnell Nurse was given the one game suspension for instigating a fight in the final five minutes of the game. The NHL could of overturned it but chose not to.

Golden Knights defenceman Alex Pietrangelo was also suspended one game for that nasty slash he gave to Oilers star Leon Draisaitl.

Many have criticized the ruling feeling it was too light including Hockey Insider Greg wyshynski who would criticized George Parros on a lengthy tweet on Social media.


Here's what he had to say:

I don't think the NHL Dept. of Player Safety got this one right.

Alex Pietrangelo deserved at least 2 games for his slash on Leon Draisaitl. When intent is that clear -- late in the 3rd, in a losing effort -- and the target is the other team's leading scorer? C'mon.

I understand there'll be a counterargument from Pietrangelo about the how hard the slash wasn't and how it targeted a padded area on Draisaitl.

The lack of injury was a factor in it only being one game. If Drai's arm was broken? Petro's done for the series, at a minimum.

George Parros made two decisions today: Upholding Darnell Nurse's instigator suspension and only giving Pietrangelo a 1-game ban. They even out for Game 5.

State of play seems like the biggest factor here: 2-2 series, 2nd round. Not intent to injure.

This was the easy way out.

Parros has received a lot of criticism over his rulings, I think the NHL needs to find someone who can do Parros job better, because clearly Parros isn't cutting it.

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Hockey Insider Slams The NHL After Alex Pietrangelo Punishment Was Announced

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