Frustrated Blackhawks player gets brutally honest in an interview

Published January 1, 2023 at 6:41 PM

It is safe to assume that Chicago's culture at the moment is quite unfavourable. Fans are getting ready to say goodbye to club pillars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.

Since it is never enjoyable to be a player during a rebuild, the environment in the locker room isn't any better either. However, one player in particular made the decision to voice his displeasure.

Jake McCabe joined the Blackhawks last season, after spending the first eight of his career in Buffalo. After spending nearly a decade on one of the worst teams in NHL history in Buffalo, he hoped for a fresh start with Chicago. Unfortunately, he is now stuck in the same boat as he was in Buffalo.

I don't really give a shit about my personal stats, to be honest with you ... It's all about the team and all about winning. I've lost a lot in this league, and it's getting pretty old. So I wouldn't say that I'm by any means satisfied if I'm playing good or not. It depends on how we're doing as a team.


Approaching 30, McCabe just wants to win for once. On Chicago's side, hopefully all of these losses will be worth it, when they take the stage at the 2023 draft.

Source:Hawks Insider
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Frustrated Blackhawks player gets brutally honest in an interview

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