Martin St-Louis made a mistake with Jake Allen on Saturday night

Published January 1, 2023 at 1:00 PM

There have been many twists and turns with the Habs in 2022. The team has changed general manager, head coach, scouts, in short, its identity.

The arrival of Chantal Machabée was also a big deal for the organization. The great lady was able to restore the team's image in record time and she is truly at home in the position she holds.

Martin St-Louis has impressed many since taking over the helm in February. The coach has clearly skipped a lot of steps to get to the NHL, but he has done very well so far. Obviously, he has made mistakes and will make more.

On Saturday night, for example, he justified not replacing Jake Allen because it was the mother-son trip and the players' moms were in the stands in Washington. Basing a hockey decision on that was a mistake on his part.

Then it was too late and all bets were off. We understand that St-Louis wants to be close to his players, but he will have to leave his emotions aside when there are hockey decisions to be made. He himself admitted that it was a mistake and that he learned from it.

We are not worried about him. The strength of character in this man is too great for him not to bounce back after a slight misstep.

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Martin St-Louis made a mistake with Jake Allen on Saturday night

How long will St Louis last with the Habs?

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