Sidney Crosby as the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
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Could Sidney Crosby be on his way out of Pittsburgh?

Published January 29, 2024 at 8:31 PM

The Pittsburgh Penguins made a big move this past summer to land Erik Karlsson and contend for a Stanley Cup, but unfortunately, they just aren't there as the All-Star break is now upon us.

Could the Penguins realistically move Sidney Crosby?

On the surface, this question sounds totally unrealistic, but as the March 8 trade deadline approaches, it appears that there are whispers around the league that Crosby may be moved.

This comes from an interview with TSN's Jay Onright, with OverDrive host Brian Hayes revealing how possible it is, and why it may be good for Crosby's career going forward.

Where could Crosby land?

While unrealistic, it's not totally impossible, as we've seen Gretzky leave Edmonton, Kane leave Chicago, Iginla leave Calgary and countless other examples, along with Steven Stamkos, who is potentially on his way out of Tampa Bay this summer.

Ultimately, if Pittsburgh believe they can compete in the next few years, this is a move that isn't going to happen, but if they don't think this core can still get it done, moving Crosby along with Jake Guentzel could be a play for them.

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Could Sidney Crosby be on his way out of Pittsburgh?

Will Crosby ever play in another jersey?

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