Career Altering Decision to be Made for Auston Matthews

Published May 18, 2023 at 5:14 PM

Bad news has found it's way to Toronto, and it doesn't look good for Auston Matthews. We promise we're not trying to give you nightmares with this news, but it's certainly a cause for concern for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Matthews Could Potentially Have Surgery

That scary, horrible, vile word: Surgery.

It's the one word hockey fans never want to hear when discussing an injury to a player on their team, much less a superstar such as Auston Matthews. NHL reporter Chris Johnston is the bearer of bad news, and what he had to say doesn't look promising.

I know for a fact that he (Auston) was injured. And I know that they are still working out his treatment plan and I don't think surgery is totally off the table.' - Chris Johnston

Could Matthews Miss Extended Time?

Unfortunately, there's very little details regarding Matthews' current injury situation. Depending on the severity of his injury, he could miss a large chuck of next season as he recovers.

We know it's not the news you want to hear, but don't give up all hope yet! There's still the chance he doesn't even need surgery, and he could have a very quick recovery.

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Career Altering Decision to be Made for Auston Matthews

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