Capitals Fans Ask Alex Ovechkin to Retire Before Reaching Gretzky's Record

Published December 9, 2023 at 10:37

Washington Capitals fans are in a state of deep disappointment following yet another loss to the Dallas Stars the other night. Some are even going to the as far as suggesting that Alexander Ovechkin, the beloved face of the franchise, should consider retirement.


Washington Capitals Face Another Setback in a Challenging Season

The Washington Capitals find themselves in the midst of a rather average season, firmly positioned in the middle of the Metro division standings. Their recent defeat to the Dallas Stars on Thursday night has heightened the sense of disappointment among fans. In fact, some of them are openly advocating for Alexander Ovechkin to retire.

Alex Ovechkin PLEASE retire #ALLCAPS

Alex Ovechkin needs to sit out some games or retire. He has slowed tremendously. His hands have regressed and he can't score on breakaways? It's sad but his game is over. @LukeAdomanis @Tarik_ElBashir

I think I say this once a game, but it's stunning how slow and just not put together Alex Ovechkin is out there. He can't smoothly handle any pucks and looks like he's skating in mud.

It's hard to imagine the Capitals without their fearless leader, and these comments are concerning. Ovi's obvioulsy slowed down, but he can still bring a lot to a team. With two more seasons on his $9,500,000 AAV contract, it would be surprising to see him retire before reaching the end of his agreement with the Capitals.


Ovechkin Pursues Gretzky's Record Despite Recent Struggles

Undoubtedly, Ovechkin has faced considerable challenges in recent weeks, scoring just 2 assists in the last 7 games and 5 goals throughout this season.

Despite these difficulties, he has managed to achieve a significant milestone of 1500 points in his NHL career.

Ovechkin's quest for Gretzky's record is followed all around the world and we truly hope he reaches the Great One's legendary mark.

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Capitals Fans Ask Alex Ovechkin to Retire Before Reaching Gretzky's Record

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