Corey Perry playing in a game for the Chicago Blackhawks.
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Candian Team and Corey Perry Reported to Have A Mutual Interest After Perry Ruled Eligible to Return to NHL

Published January 11, 2024 at 10:25

Corey Perry was just determined to be eligible for a return to NHL play, and now it has been reported that he and this Canadian team have a mutual interest.

Toronto Maple Leafs and Corey Perry Have Reported Mutual Interest

When the NHL announced yesterday that it had determined Corey Perry would be eligible for a return to play this season, it became a mad dash of speculation on which team might take a shot on the veteran forward. With few details on his incident released, it would be a shot in the dark on Perry that would come with baggage, for sure.

Now, former Toronto Maple Leaf Carlo Colaiacovo has reported that he understands there is a mutual interest between Perry and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

My understanding is that there is mutual interest between #LeafsForever & Corey Perry & we discussed that with @mike_p_johnson

Toronto taking a shot on Perry is a bit surprising, given the past between the Leafs and Perry, during his time as a Canadien and while he played for the Lightning. However, he could be cheap given his baggage, and Toronto will look at any option they have for cheap players given their cap situation.

Would Perry Want to Play Under a Spotlight After the Drama?

Perry signing in Toronto would also be interesting given the nature of the whole incident that caused his termination. Perry has been pretty much laid low since he was terminated, and no details have slipped on what happened.


Playing in Toronto would be a different story, given it is the biggest hockey market in the world. Perry would undoubtedly be pestered with questions about what happened for the entirety of his time here.

We will see if that is something Perry actually wants or not as he approaches his deadline to return to the League.
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Candian Team and Corey Perry Reported to Have A Mutual Interest After Perry Ruled Eligible to Return to NHL

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