Calgary Flames Veteran Feels Disrespected by team's recent offer

Published October 26, 2023 at 1:34 PM

The Calgary Flames have fallen off in a big way over the past 18 months, and unfortunately, it appears that there's no end to their struggles as they look to find their identity going forward.

Veteran extension incoming?


Despite the clear and obvious need for a rebuild, one that fans are desperately calling for, the team are instead looking to go in a different direction, as they've recently engaged in extension talks with both Noah Hanifin and Chris Tanev.

Nothing appears imminent on either front, but with two key blue line pieces being UFA's this summer (along with Nikita Zadorov to make it three), it appears they have no intentions of doing that.

A frustrating negotiation

According to a report however, the team's latest offer for Tanev has left him feeling frustrated, with the report stating that it's term, not money that has forced this feeling.

I'm not allowed to say anything more on Hanifin yet. No idea why they aren't announcing it. I CAN say that Tanev was «insulted» by whatever initial offer the team made. Assumption was lack of term attached.

At this point, there's a genuine possibility he becomes a viable trade candidate as the season rolls on, and if the team continues to struggle, it would make sense if they looked to do the same for several key pieces.

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Calgary Flames Veteran Feels Disrespected by team's recent offer

Will Tanev be extended or traded by the Flames?

Extended1219.4 %
Traded5080.6 %
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