Player Violently Hits Fan With Stick in Viral Video

Published October 26, 2023 at 10:19

Fan Gets Hit by Player then Rushed to the Hospital

In a recent Belgian Division 2 match between Olympia Heist and HYC, the atmosphere turned tense as an HYC player aggressively responded to a comment from a spectator.

"Second tier league in Belgium. Player admits the guy said something to him and he lost his cool. Other teams are now refusing to play this one (HYC) because the team has a Rep for doing stupid things"

The aftermath of the altercation was severe, with the fan having to be rushed to the hospital due to the injuries sustained.

HYC: A Controversial Team


This incident has further spotlighted HYC's past controversial behaviors. In a statement addressing the incident, HYC's leadership expressed their regret:

"This is absolutely not acceptable, we cannot condone this in any way," said HYC Chair Frank Van Reeth. "We as a club therefore want to offer our sincere apologies to the supporter involved."

"The player who dealt the blow will soon be called to the carpet. Meanwhile, he himself has already sent a letter of apology to the federation to express his regret. He allegedly succumbed to the tirade of insults from some supporters and is now incredibly sorry for it. The fact remains, of course, that this should never have happened."

It remains to be seen how the league and HYC will address this incident and the disciplinary measures the player will face.

How long do you think he'll be suspended?

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Player Violently Hits Fan With Stick in Viral Video

How long do you think he'll be suspended?

One or two games220 %
Three or four games330 %
Five or six games00 %
Six games or more550 %
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