Cale Makar Claps Back at Journalists in Recent Interview

Published August 26, 2023 at 4:42 PM

EA Sports' Cover Reveal

This month, the renowned hockey game by EA Sports introduced the player to grace the cover of its next edition: the gifted defenseman from the Colorado Avalanche, Cale Makar.


Makar's Rapid Rise

At only 24, Makar leading the charge in the game is expected. Boasting a short but illustrious career of just four seasons, he has secured a Stanley Cup ring, a Calder Trophy, the Conn-Smythe, and the James-Norris.


His impressive tally of 246 points in 238 games clearly underlines why EA Sports bestowed this honor upon him.

The Bobby Orr Comparison

With such achievements, comparisons to hockey legends like Bobby Orr aren't uncommon. However, Makar has his reservations about these comparisons.

These comments are completely ridiculous. Being compared to someone like that is insane," he told ESPN. "For me, it's hard to fathom. I'm 24, and his career achievements are impossible to match.

I'm nowhere near that. It's true it's a comparison, but we need to come back to earth a bit. When you're linked to such an athlete, it's obviously flattering. Nevertheless, I haven't achieved anything, I'm so young. - Cale Makar

While many will point to Makar's accolades as evidence of his achievements, it's evident he has a long way to reach the heights of Bobby Orr, who secured five Norris trophies between ages 22 to 26 and recorded six consecutive seasons with 100 points or more.

Modern NHL and Makar's Position

The NHL has evolved since the "Bobby Orr era". The influx of young talents in recent years has been overwhelming. Yet, for Makar to already be a prominent figure among them is testament to his prowess in contemporary hockey.

The EA Sports Cover Curse?

Being on the game cover is prestigious, but recent history suggests a potential curse. A majority of the recent cover stars haven't progressed past the initial playoff round the subsequent season. The looming question: Will Cale Makar and the Colorado Avalanche defy this pattern?

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Cale Makar Claps Back at Journalists in Recent Interview

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