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Connor McDavid Makes a Huge Demand to his Teammates

Published August 26, 2023 at 12:34

Every time the playoffs roll around, the Edmonton Oilers seem to have all it takes for a Stanley Cup run, yet there's always a little something that stops them before they reach their goal.

Connor McDavid, the Oilers' captain, isn't about to let history repeat itself. Eager for a different outcome this season, McDavid has a unique strategy in mind.


McDavid's Strategy

Before the players even lace up their skates for official training, the Oilers have a tradition. They host "Captain's Skates." It's a kind of pre-camp to the season, where the team gathers a little earlier than the formal training camp kick-off.

This year, McDavid had a nugget of wisdom to share with his squad:

"Let's be a bit more organized during our Captain's Skates. This way, we can ensure a productive month and hit the ground running."


Inspirational Leader

With the Oilers' training set to start on September 5th, McDavid's approach gives the team nearly a month to find their groove. His idea to rally the troops and sync up even before official practices speaks volumes about his leadership. By setting the pace early, McDavid aims to have the Oilers in top form when the season's whistle blows.

McDavid's dedication and commitment make it clear why he wears the captain's "C" on his jersey. And if there's anyone who can end Edmonton's wait for the Stanley Cup, it's him.

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Connor McDavid Makes a Huge Demand to his Teammates

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