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Blackhawks' Head Coach Makes Fun of Connor Bedard in Latest Interview

Published December 19, 2023 at 5:45 PM

Connor Bedard's head coach, Luke Richardson, teased when discussing the 18-year-old rookie's status as a complete player.

Richardson Playfully Teases Bedard with Clever Comments


Recent discussions among fans have been around why Connor Bedard isn't consistently on the ice for all situations with the Blackhawks. Given his exceptional talent, he is undoubtedly their most dynamic player, and having him on the ice poses a constant scoring threat.

When questioned about why Bedard isn't yet an all-situations player, Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson gave the best possible answer.

Asked Luke Richardson why not let Connor Bedard see every game situation:

Richardson: «I think he will see every situation — some of it will be from the bench.»

Bedard's Defensive Skills Still a Work in Progress


While Bedard shows great puck-handling skills, he is not yet fully developped his defensive side. Currently, Bedard shares the second-worst +/- rating on the Blackhawks for the season, standing at -15. Although +/- isn't the sole indicator of defensive talent, it does provide a great way to compare him to his teammates.

On the flip side, the Blackhawks boast several players with positive +/- ratings for the season who are better suited to work together in shutting down the opposition.

Bedard's defensive capabilities are expected to develop significantly in the coming years, and it's likely that he will eventually become an integral part of the Blackhawks in all game situations. Until then, he'll watch some situations from the bench.

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Blackhawks' Head Coach Makes Fun of Connor Bedard in Latest Interview

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