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BREAKING: William Nylander Close To Signing Largest Contract in Leafs History

Published January 8, 2024 at 9:47

In breaking news, William Nylander is reportedly close to signing the largest contract ever for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Nylander Reportedly Close to 8 Year Deal

Nylander's contract has been speculated on tremendously over the past few days, as it has been reported that the two sides have pretty much reached a conclusion on the deal. Now, Darren Dreger and Chris Johnston have revealed some of the details of the reported deal, and it would be the largest in Maple Leaf history.

This will be the largest contract in #leafs history by total value. Expect it to include a full no-movement clause and favourable bonus structuring.

This deal has been so interesting to fans and analysts alike because of the insane jump in value that Nylander earned himself over the course of the year. It was reported near the beginning of the year that Nylander was asking for $10 million AAV, and the Leafs were offering $9 Million. Now, they are looking at $11.5, and the largest deal in Leaf history.

We will wait to see the official announcement, but it is looking like a done deal for Nylander in Toronto.

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BREAKING: William Nylander Close To Signing Largest Contract in Leafs History

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