BREAKING: Top Junior Hockey League Officially Bans Fighting

Published August 10, 2023 at 4:18 PM

One of the CHL leagues has now officially banned fighting.

QMJHL Bans Fighting

The QMJHL, one of the best junior leagues in the world, has officially banned fighting.

As per Bleacher Report on Twitter:

The QMJHL has announced that fighting has been banned starting this upcoming season.

The rules now state that fighting will result in an automatic ejection with other supplemental discipline to follow.

The official rule is as follows:

Section 4: Fights
In order to prevent physical and psychological violence that may result in minor or serious injury or, in extreme circumstances, death, the QMJHL is responsible for establishing rules of intervention when a fight occurs between two or more people during a game, regardless of whether they are players or other team members (coach, assistant coach, trainer, etc.).
Rule 47 of the Playing Rules, starting with the 2023-2024 season, provides for fights being prohibited with more restrictive and dissuasive sanctions in order to emphasize a safe quality of play conducive to the development of players participating in QMJHL activities.
The QMJHL will ensure that the sanctions mentioned in the following paragraphs are applied.
As soon as a fight occurs, those engaged must be systematically ejected from the game.
Any player found to have instigated the fight will also receive an automatic one-game suspension.
The person declared to be the aggressor during the fight will receive a minimum of two automatic games of suspension.
In addition to the game misconduct, an automatic game suspension is imposed starting with the player's 2nd fight of the season. This suspension is in addition to the sanctions described in the preceding paragraphs.

The move is being made to protect their players whose brains are still developing. The QMJHL is the first major league to ban fighting and we will see if other junior and potentially professional leagues follow suit.
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BREAKING: Top Junior Hockey League Officially Bans Fighting

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