BREAKING: Auston Matthews Contract Details Now Known

Published August 1, 2023 at 10:50 PM

Auston Matthews is a superstar in today's NHL. This has led many to wonder what his big contract extension will exactly look like and when it will get done. Today we were provided some answers to these questions by former Leaf Carlo Colaiacovo.

Matthews In Toronto

Auston Matthews arrived in Toronto in 2016 after being selected first overall in the draft. He went on to score four goals in his debut and have an electric rookie season. Since then he has amassed a 100-point season and an MVP award. He is the best Maple Leaf of the modern era and has earned a massive extension. Many have been worried that he would test his value on the open market and go elsewhere.

Colaiacovo Reports Matthews is Here to Stay

Carlo Colaiacovo joined the 1stUp show on TSN 1050 Radio and talked about the progress made by Brad Treliving in extension talks with Matthews.

"My understanding is that an Auston Matthews deal is going to happen any day right now. Nobody knows the exact date, but the expectation is that it's happening. It's going to be anywhere between 3-5 years and it's going to range between $13M and $14M, depending on the term. It's going to happen any day - that's the only thing I know that's going on in Leaf land."

Back The Truck Up For Matthews

With the news of this extension, Matthews seems to make out fantastic. He is not locked in for an extremely long term and becomes instantly one of the highest-paid players annually. For the Leafs while they would ideally like a longer extension they get to keep their best player who gives them the best chance to break their Stanley Cup drought for at least three seasons.

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BREAKING: Auston Matthews Contract Details Now Known

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