A journalist makes a shocking statement about Logan Mailloux

Published December 8, 2022 at 0:57

Logan Mailloux is having a great season in the OHL and from what we can see of him, he doesn't look at all rusty from the lack of games played in the last year and a half.

However, we are only seeing a small portion of Mailloux's prowess, but the rest of his game may not be as good as people think. In fact, the young defenseman was even overlooked by Team Canada for the upcoming World Juniors.

Marco D'Amico of MTL Hockey Now said that the Habs' first pick in 2021 doesn't deserve his spot on the Canadian roster, and here are his arguments:

"I'm not here to bash the player, but I am here to establish the facts.

Yes, Logan Mailloux has had some impressive offensive flashes in the OHL at times, and the content of the highlights is encouraging.

But he's not in the WJC for Canada because he's simply not on the level of his peers."

D'Amico added that Mailloux's defensive game is simply not up to snuff and that this facet of the game is important for Canada.
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A journalist makes a shocking statement about Logan Mailloux

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