A return to the NHL soon for the Quebec Nordiques?

Published December 8, 2022 at 0:34

While the return of the Quebec Nordiques seems to be an urban legend, there could be something new in this file.

According to Chris Johnston, the NHL did not seem to be interested in adding more teams after the Vegas and Seattle expansions. However, the pandemic has taken its toll financially and adding more franchises could help offset those losses.

"Someone predicted to me during the pandemic that, you know, these owners obviously lost a lot of money during the pandemic when they couldn't sell tickets and everything during the games.

And this future expansion would be a way to recoup some of those losses. So that will be something. I'm not saying it's going to happen immediately, but, you know, maybe in a year or two we'll be talking about expanding the league beyond 32 teams."

The Kraken's arrival brought in $650 million for the owners. If the best solution to repay the losses incurred by the pandemic comes through expansion, the Quebec Nordiques file will have to be opened again.

"It's possible that in a year or two, we're talking about adding more expansion teams, in the National Hockey League, to have more than 32 teams." - Chris Johnston

This news will make Nordiques fans very happy. They will have to calm down, however, because other cities are also attractive to the league. We can think here of Houston, Kansas City, Milwaukee and even Hartford.

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A return to the NHL soon for the Quebec Nordiques?

Will the Nordiques return by 2026?

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