Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
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Ryan Reaves declares one major record is possible for Auston Matthews

Published April 1, 2024 at 5:32 PM

Auston Matthews goalscoring talents have been on display since debuting in 2016, and now veteran teammate Ryan Reave has revealed his unlimited potential.

After netting his 60th goal of the year in 2023-24, the second time he's done so in his NHL career, the NHL world has been buzzing around the talents of Auston Matthews, and it appears that his teammates are in awe much the same as the fans.


Now, when asked about Matthews incredible ability on the ice, veteran teammate Ryan Reaves, who has played with some of the games greatest players declared that this was possible for No. 34;

Ryan Reaves asked if 70 was possible for Auston Matthews: «I think 80 is possible. Anything is possible with that guy.»

Earlier this season, Matthews was on pace for 80 goals on the year, but the injury to Mitch Marner and a dry patch certainly prevented that from happening, but at 26-years of age, Matthews is only now beginning to hit his prime. Despite being drafted in 2016, Auston Matthews has outscored any player drafted since 2010, and with such talented players around him, it's hard to dispute Reaves claim about the potential of 70, or even 80 in a season.

With nine games left this season for the Toronto Maple Leafs, there's the potential that Matthews could hit 70 this season, and with 161 goals in his past three seasons, we may be witnessing one of the greatest goal scorers in NHL history.

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Ryan Reaves makes a major proclamation regarding Auston Matthews
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Ryan Reaves declares one major record is possible for Auston Matthews

Is 80 goals truly possible for Auston Matthews?

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