Matvei Michkov to join Flyers as early as 2024-2025 season

Graham Montgomery
April 30, 2024  (7:33 PM)

Philadelphia Flyers top prospect Matvei Michkov waiting for a faceoff
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The buzz around Michkov kicked off today when SKA chairman Alexander Medvedev revealed that the 19-year-old is hoping to join the Flyers in North America next season. His comments gave fans reason to believe that may happen.

The Flyers took a risk last summer when they drafted Michkov 7th overall. He already had a three-year contract in place with his KHL club and some thought he might not come over at the end of it either. Furthermore, there were reportedly character concerns that several clubs considered when deciding whether or not they should draft him. While his character is still up in the air, his contract situation no longer appears to be a problem.
REPORT: Matvei Michkov Could Be In The NHL Sonner Than Expected:

SKA has a strong relationship with the Flyers FO. Michkov coming over this summer could be in the cards with a decision to be made in June.

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Perhaps the most revealing comment made by Medvedev was that his team and the Flyers are on good terms. He also gave a succinct answer in terms of timelines, declaring that we should know for sure where Michkov will be playing next season no later than the end of June.
«I think we will talk about all the options, first of all, with him. And we will also talk with the leaders of Philadelphia, with whom we have very good relations. There is understanding, and you will be patient. I think the decision on Michkov will be no later than the end of June.»

Medvedev's full comments were even more encouraging for Flyers fans. Many fans took note of this, sharing positive thoughts about his situation on social media following the news.
Not trying to get too ahead of myself, but it's hard not to take this as positive news for Matvei Michkov (translated via Google translate) #Flyers

Michkov could be just what the Flyers need in order to revitalize the organization and make the playoffs once again next season. It would be their first playoff appearance since 2018.
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Matvei Michkov to join Flyers as early as 2024-2025 season

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