NHL Insider Reveals Possible Extension For Leon Draisaitl

Graham Montgomery
March 30, 2024  (9:06)

Edmonton Oilers superstars Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl celebrating a goal
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NHL insider Jim Matheson believes Leon Draisaitl is considering two types of contract extensions with the Edmonton Oilers. One thing remains clear though, the team is dedicated to re-signing the German superstar center.

NHL insider Jim Matheson has linked the Boston Bruins to Oilers superstar Leon Draisaitl. However, Matheson believes that the Buins' efforts will be in vain as the Oilers are fully committed to signing him to an extension this summer. Draisaitl has put up another solid season by his standards as he is currently just below the 40 goal and 100 point marks.
Thursday marked the 42nd game where Connor McDavid & Leon Draisaitl collected 3 points each


That being said, NHL insider Darren Dreger believes the Oilers could have a hard time coming to an agreement with Draisaitl. He compared Draisaitl and McDavid to Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews when it comes to the cap situation, suggesting Draisaitl could be looking to make around 15% of the salary cap on his next deal. Assuming the salary cap increases to 87 million dollars over the summer, 15% of the cap would be just over 13 million dollars a season. That is right in line with what Matheson believes Draisaitl would get on a short-term deal with the Oilers.
"He can sign a four-year deal like Auston Matthews did in Toronto, not knowing where the cap is going to go, leaving himself room for another contract at 32. Matthews cap hit is $13.25 m and Leon would want at least that, maybe a tad more."

In recent years we've seen a shift in NHL contracts as longer-term deals no longer come at discounted rates. Rather is is shorter deals that tend to lower the average-annual-value. Thus, an eight year extension for Draisaitl could prove to be even more expensive, especially over the first half of the contract.
Let's go over the projected price tag for #LetsGoOilers forward Leon Draisaitl, and whether or not he could sign with the #GoSensGo or #GoHabsGo.

Making matters more complicated is the fact that Connor McDavid will be due an extension the following season. For now though, Ken Holland and the Oilers will focus on the matter at hand.
Source HockeyPatrol: The next contract for Leon Draisaitl has been leaked
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NHL Insider Reveals Possible Extension For Leon Draisaitl

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