Anaheim Ducks Coach Greg Cronin calls out young star Trevor Zegras

Tom Banks
April 6, 2024  (4:58 PM)

Greg Cronin, Head Coach of the Anaheim Ducks.
Photo credit: The Hockey News

While he can be flashy and impressive both on and off the ice, it appears as though Trevor Zegras still has a lot to learn, according to his Head Coach anyway.

It's no secret that Trevor Zegras is on his way to stardom in the NHL, as he's featured on the cover of the NHL video game, as well as starring in several skills contests at All-Star weekend, while also reportedly dating a major social media star. With all of that comes plenty of responsibility as a potential leader for his team, and recently, Head Coach Greg Cronin addressed that exact topic regarding his 22-year old star.
Asked Greg Cronin today on whether he feels the bar of accountability is higher when it comes to Trevor Zegras specifically. Here is his full response:


"Here's a guy that's attractive. The media likes him. The NHL likes him. Whatever those sports games they play, he's on the cover of that. He's a very sociable, likable kid, bounces around. He's like a butterfly, talks to everyone in the locker room. So, those qualities to me, when you draw that attention, you need to take that attention and convert it into some leadership. And if you frame that leadership around being great and trying to be excellent every shift, then you're in a win-win situation.

But if you sabotage that by whether you take foolish penalties or you turn pucks over multiple times and end up changing the momentum in the game, then you have to own up to that too. It's been a process with him but I do think-anybody that draws attention, there's an opportunity for those people to create an image and a standard for the team and if they don't do it, they're missing out on, again, going back to creating a non-negotiable standard and I've talked to Z about that and it's up to him to actually execute that."

It's clear that Cronin has plenty of admiration for Zegras as a player and as a person, and holds him in high regard which means pushing him to be his best, and while he's not been at his best in 2023-24, the potential as a star player and a leader is there.
Unfortunately for Zegras, he's been involved in much trade speculation over the past year, and with him reportedly not being the type of player Pat Verbeek wants on this time, it may only be a matter of time until he's moved somewhere else.
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Ducks head coach Greg Cronin brutally calls out Trevor Zegras
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Anaheim Ducks Coach Greg Cronin calls out young star Trevor Zegras

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