Zachary Fucale publishes a moving text about his experience in the NHL

October 15, 2022  (12:20)

Nearly a decade after experiencing a surreal moment at the 2013 NHL Amateur Auction when Trevor Timmins called his name at No. 36, Zachary Fucale looked back on the entire journey he has been on since that moment.

It's been a long and arduous journey, to say the least. He even tells us that he cried on several occasions, because things were not going the way he wanted. In his text, we understand that the mental exhaustion he experienced is the nightmare of many young hockey players who aspire to play in the Bettman circuit.
A second round pick of the Canadiens, Zachary Fucale was never bitter or resentful of the organization that drafted him. He showed a lot of maturity in his text. The reasons why it didn't work out in Montreal are partly his, but not solely his. The environment, the team's situation and the reality of professional hockey; these are some of the elements that can explain why Zachary Fucale never had the chance to keep the net in Montreal.
It took more than seven years to play his first game in the Bettman circuit with the Washington Capitals. After seven years, it was the twelfth team for which he played professionally. On several occasions, his confidence was shattered. Back to the East Coast League (ECHL), then to the American League (AHL) before finally getting that first career start.
That day, Zachary Fucale did not do well. He was exceptional, earning the shutout in his first start. The media went wild. Everyone wanted to talk to him. This sudden wave of interest immersed him in those years of hard work where he dreamed of success. He was finally getting it. Although the Fsglory was short-lived, the former Halifax Mooseheads' star goaltender in the Courteau circuit looks back on his experience.
Through the clashing sentences, one understands that the mental health of a young man in his prime, at 18, 19 or even 20, was not advisable. He questions the way young athletes are overloaded at that age. The 17-year-old kid who goes off to junior camp, he hasn't lived a summer. If his team makes a breakthrough in the playoffs and makes it to the Memorial Cup, he can only enjoy a short break. Fatigue sets in and it becomes vicious for mental health.
This November 11, 2021, will be the defining moment of a career for Zach Fucale. The confidence of the Capitals organization was a milestone for him. That's when he started to enjoy playing hockey again.
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