We now know Joel Edmundson's market value and it is huge

Published January 4, 2023 at 9:31

There will be no hiding here, the Habs will be selling at the trade deadline, much like last year. With the five consecutive losses in regulation time that Martin St-Louis' men just suffered, causing an upset and participating in the playoffs is now a thing of the past and we must now focus on the future.

In that sense, Kent Hughes will definitely be a seller before the trade deadline and several veterans should leave the ship. With the transactions that the general manager made under the same circumstances last year, the Tricolore should have some good young players who will be added to an already well-stocked bank of prospects.

Joel Edmundson's name is on everyone's lips. The giant-sized defenseman is highly coveted and is present in several trade rumors. According to journalist Chris Johnston, his value on the market could make many fans drool.

"In the trade market, as the trade deadline approaches, in return for a defenseman like Joel Edmundson from the Montreal Canadiens, we should expect Kent Hughes to receive a first round pick and more."

- Chris Johnston

After all, Kent Hughes was able to pick up Ty Smilanic, a first round pick in 2023 and another fourth round pick in 2022 for Ben Chiarot. According to Johnston, the return for Edmundson should be no less, much to the delight of fans and the organization itself.

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We now know Joel Edmundson's market value and it is huge

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