Tkachuk Immediately Drops the Gloves After Receiving a Questionable Hit

Published October 24, 2023 at 9:45 PM

In tonight's Senators-Sabres game, Brady Tkachuk immediately dropped his gloves after receiving a questionable hit.

Tkachuk and Tuch Go At Eachother

After a lacklustre performance, Brady Tkachuk gave his best efforts to show that the Senators do in fact have some fight in them. In the dying minutes of the third, down 5-2 to the Sabres, Tkachuk let his frustration out after receiving a questionable hit from Alex Tuch.

Tkachuk IMMEDIATELY said "let's go" after that hit 😳

Tuch can be seen throwing the body on Tkachuk a little out of the play of the puck, to which Tkachuk immediately took issue with and dropped his gloves. Tkachuk got the better of Tuch, landing one big shot that sent Tuch to the ice.

Tkachuk Fights Despite Apparent Injury Earlier in the Game

Everyone knows that Brady Tkachuk has a burning fire and competitiveness to win and that he isn't afraid to take his frustration out physically when things aren't going the Senators' way. What is surprising, though, is that he decided to drop the gloves despite appearing to hurt his shoulder earlier in the game.

Tkachuk is hurt. Looks like he dislocated his shoulder.

Either Tkachuk's shoulder isn't really hurt at all, or the adrenaline got the best of him and allowed him to throw a mean right hook in the fight.
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Tkachuk Immediately Drops the Gloves After Receiving a Questionable Hit

Who won the fight?

Tkachuk964.3 %
Tuch535.7 %
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