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This crazy mock trade proposal sends Connor McDavid to his hometown

Published August 5, 2023 at 1:13 PM

It's clear that the the Toronto Maple Leafs have had their struggles with playoff hockey in recent years. They managed to win a first round series last season but still fell short. Of course there is no lack of offensive talent on the Leafs right now but could there ever be a reality where Connor McDavid is added to their roster? Could that be the key to some playoff success for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

The Potential Homecoming


Connor McDavid was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario which is just about an hour outside of Toronto. We've seen players work towards playing for the hometown team before. We've even seen it recently in Toronto with John Tavares leaving the Islanders to sign there in free agency. A blockbuster trade like this would definitely make waves. Obviously there would be an enormous cost to acquiring a player like McDavid but the Leafs have no shortage of valuable pieces.

The core of this trade would include McDavid of course, and Toronto's Mitch Marner who is really establishing himself as one of the top players in the league. Marner is a valuable asset and would be a huge piece in a potential trade for Connor McDavid. Although, he is a big value piece, it's still not enough for the best player in the league so the deal would also include 2021 draft pick Matthew Knies who is arguably the Leafs top prospect.


Toronto Receives:
Connor McDavid

Edmonton Receives:
Mitch Marner
Tj Brodie
Matthew Knies
2024 1st Round Pick
2026 1st Round Pick


A Deal That Would Shake up the League


A trade like this would obviously be a shocker. It may be unlikely but blockbuster trades like this one are always a possibility. Wayne Gretzky was traded twice in his career and he's widely considered the greatest of all time.

Do you think either of these teams are willing to pull off a trade like this one?

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This crazy mock trade proposal sends Connor McDavid to his hometown

Will Connor McDavid spend his entire career in Edmonton?

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