The NHL Is Finally Making A Massive Return To Quebec

Published November 15, 2023 at 2:34 PM

The city of Quebec has been calling for the NHL to return to their passionate city. It seems as though the NHL is finally listening as the league has announced they will be returning next season.

NHL Team Looking For A Home

One NHL team was looking for a new home to begin next season. The Los Angeles Kings are going to be without a stadium for their pre-season schedule next season due to renovations.

The renovations to Arena are happening in stages the next of which is scheduled for next Fall. Arena Completes Phase Two Renovations and Officially Unveils New Luxury Tunnel and Terrace Suites

Phase Three will now lead to the Kings heading to Canada for a set of home games.

NHL Finally Makes A Massive Return To Quebec

In their search for a pre-season home Quebec City came calling to the Los Angeles Kings.

Confirmation of the Kings' two preparatory matches in Quebec in October 2024. Two training sessions will be open to the public. «We wanted to eat real poutine,» jokes Luc Robitaille. #lesoleil

The Kings will play two games that will be their home games in Quebec City. They will face off against Eastern Conference powerhouses the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers.

Quebec City was able to secure the Los Angeles Kings by offering up five million dollars.

The Quebec government is offering the L.A. Kings $5M for them to spend a week of their training camp in Quebec City in October of 2024.

As much as I would love to see the Nordiques come back, is this really the best use of tax payer dollars and will it even make the NHL budge?

The city of Quebec will need to hope their fans show up and prove why they deserve an NHL franchise. This is a huge investment from the city to bring a team back to Quebec City for two games it would be an absolute shame if the games flopped.

The Los Angeles Kings will certainly have a lot of outside eyes on their pre-season now to see if hockey really can be back in Quebec City,

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The NHL Is Finally Making A Massive Return To Quebec

Will Quebec City be an NHL city again in the future?

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