The Coyotes in Quebec City? A decision would be made

Published August 21, 2023 at 1:28 PM

Whether we're talking relocation or expansion, Quebec City is always at the top of the list in the hearts of hockey fans, and with good reason. Not only here in Quebec, but fans all over North America see how real the frenzy is, except for Gary Bettman, who remains stubborn.

With the Coyotes' situation, a relocation is long overdue. They're the laughing stock of the NHL and all professional sports. It's a huge stain on Bettman's resume.

The excuses given by the NHL for not moving a team to Quebec City are not valid according to many, which is why we still believe them. We tell ourselves that one day, Bettman will listen to reason and the Nordiques will be back.

But it won't be in the short term. According to informant Eklund, even Houston and Atlanta would be no match for Salt Lake City, where relocation or expansion is most likely.

Pierre LeBrun also shared this information back in June, but the only news we've had since then is that Bettman and the Coyotes' owner are still working together to keep the team in Arizona.

To be continued, but I have the impression that we'll have to wait for a change of commissioner to see some movement on this issue and a team in Quebec City.

Credit: Flyers Insider
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The Coyotes in Quebec City? A decision would be made

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