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Team USA World Junior Team Celebrating after Winning Gold.
Photo credit: Team USA Hockey

Team USA Captain Going Viral For Questionable Celebration After Winning World Juniors

Published January 6, 2024 at 10:30

Team USA's Captain is under some fire online after a questionable celebration during the gold medal ceremony for Team USA's victory over Sweden.

Team USA Dominates In Gold Medal Game at World Juniors

Team USA was picked from the start to be the team to beat this year, and they delivered on that. They were dominant the entire tournament, showing exactly how good they were in the gold medal game, beating Sweden 6-2 in a crushing victory.

Some of Team USA's celebrations, though, are going viral online and fans are somewhat upset. The game meant a lot to the USA, as they have been vocal about how they had a chip on their shoulder against Sweden. The first hint at the overdone celebrations was when Team USA was seen blowing kisses to Swedish fans after a goal.

The dislike for each other boiled over on the ice as well, with an uncharacteristic brawl breaking out in the final seconds of the game between USA players and Swedish players, with members of both teams keeping their gloves on in international fashion.

we got a fight in the Sweden USA game lmaooo

Team USA Captain Seen Dancing During Gold Medal Ceremony

It is clear this win meant a lot to USA players, and they were excited to get gold. Some fans thought that Captain Rutger McGroarty may have taken things too far during the ceremony, though, doing a dance while waiting for the Gold right in front of Swedish players, especially after the nature of the game.

Obviously, these players are just kids who are excited to win. However, some fans are upset that Team USA took it over the line of what is respectable and what isn't. Clearly, the Swedes will take this loss as a motivational tool for next year's tournament.

As seen on Daily Hockey Dose - "Team USA Captain Facing Major Backlash For Poor Sportsmanship At World Juniors"
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Team USA Captain Going Viral For Questionable Celebration After Winning World Juniors

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