Team Refuses to Play After Controversial Head Coach Comes Back

Published November 6, 2023 at 9:09

The women's hockey team at Western University has declared they will not participate in training sessions or games, in a move to protest the reinstatement of a coach accused of forcing players to compete despite injuries.

The players won't participate in their forthcoming game against Ontario Tech. Their accusations regarding alleged unethical conduct by head coach Candice Moxley and former fitness coach Jeff Watson have not been adequately addressed, according to the team, leaving them no alternative but to take this drastic measure.


Ongoing Controversy

Members of the team allege that head coach Candice Moxley pressured them into playing while injured. They also accuse Moxley of neglecting allegations against fitness coach Jeff Watson, who was terminated following an inquiry. Despite these allegations, the university's investigation exonerated Moxley, leading to her subsequent reinstatement.

The legitimacy of the investigation is questioned by the players due to the appointment of London attorney Elizabeth Hewitt as the investigator, citing her past affiliations with Western; she is a former board chair at Brescia and King's university colleges and has served as a professor in Western's law department.

The Players' Stance

In a public letter, the players have made their position clear with the following assertions:

"We do not believe that the investigation was fair, unbiased and transparent. We had an expectation that Western University would believe us, the survivors of psychological abuse we faced from coach Moxley."

"By allowing coach Moxley to return, the university has shown blatant disregard for the health and well-being of traumatized students"

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Team Refuses to Play After Controversial Head Coach Comes Back

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