Tanev Displays Great Courage By Blocking a Shot with his Face

Published November 28, 2023 at 9:26

Chris Tanev, Calgary Flames' defenseman, once again demonstrated why he's considered one of the NHL's toughest players. In every game, he gives his all to ensure victory, and in the recent match, he went above and beyond.

Tanev Courageously Blocks a Shot with His Face


William Karlsson, a forward from the Vegas Golden Knights, took a shot at the net, only for the puck to strike Tanev's face. Although Tanev was down on the ice momentarily, he quickly recovered and managed to leave the ice on his own.

"Chris Tanev exited the game against the Vegas Golden Knights after getting hit in the face with the puck while diving to block William Karlsson's shot."

Head Coach Acknowledges Tanev's Dedication

In his post-game press conference, Flames' head coach Ryan Huska had limited information on Tanev's condition, noting only that Tanev was moving and seemed to be okay.

Coach Huska expressed his admiration:

"You wish that everybody has what he has. He's got a different level of courage that if you can give a little bit of what he's got to other guys on your team, oh man. Pretty special person."

Tanev is expected to do whatever it takes to return to the ice for the next game, setting a powerful example for his teammates.

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Tanev Displays Great Courage By Blocking a Shot with his Face

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