Statement from Darren Dreger: A major trade between the CH and the Flames is very plausible for Josh Anderson

Published February 17, 2023 at 9:25

We are exactly two weeks away from the trade deadline today and quietly we should be seeing more and more action across the league.

There is currently an arm wrestling match between the buying and selling teams and that is what is slowing down the market right now. However, it's only a matter of time before it all comes together and there is a good chance that it will happen in the last few days before March 3rd.

In short, for the Montreal Canadiens, the player with the highest value on the market right now would be none other than Josh Anderson, and this is not surprising because he is exactly the type of player that gets traded at a very high price at the deadline.

On that note, this is not the first time that the Calgary Flames have been in the picture to acquire Anderson and in the last few hours, TSN's reputable tipster Darren Dreger has revealed some new information in this matter and it is extremely interesting.

His sources tell him that the Calgary Flames would be extremely interested in Anderson's services, and this is not new.

In fact, he reveals that Flames general manager Brad Treliving has been trying to acquire Anderson since the latter was playing with the Columbus Blue Jackets. It goes back a long way and it shows the affection of the GM for the CH number 17.

Still according to Dreger, Treliving was even the finalist to acquire Anderson (from Columbus) when the latter was traded to the Montreal Canadiens in October 2020.

And since then, the Flames' GM would have contacted Kent Hughes several times to inquire again about Anderson's availability.

"Brad Treliving has been trying to acquire Josh Anderson since he was in Columbus.

How aggressive will Calgary be to convince the Habs to trade him? I know Calgary has interest, there's no question. If I'm Kent Hughes, I'm targeting Jakob Pelletier++. It's also possible the Habs will have to take a bad contract in the trade." - Darren Dreger

Dreger's target to go the other way would be Jakob Pelletier, plus one other piece. In an effort to coordinate this with payroll, the Tricolore may also have to take salary to mop up.

It is very clear that Calgary is a very likely destination for the power forward in the event of a trade.

On the other hand, if I follow the CH, although I love the style of play and the potential of the Flames' Quebecer, since the organization has several small players and Pelletier would become another one, there are two other targets in this organization that I would target before him.

My first choice is without a doubt the goaltender Dustin Wolf. At 21 years old, he would almost certainly become the Montreal Canadiens' goalie of the future. In two seasons in the AHL, he is simply dominant. In 37 games this year, he has a 2.17 GAA and a .929 save percentage.

The other option I would favor is Connor Zary, a first round pick in 2020. He is a 6-foot, 185-pound, 21-year-old center. In his second season in the AHL, he has 14 goals and 43 points in 48 games. He has similar potential to Pelletier, but with a larger frame.

In short, Josh Anderson is a player to watch closely and Dreger is adamant:

"I know from reliable sources that Calgary is very interested in Anderson."

Will the Habs and Flames complete another major trade, a third in two years? It's a very real possibility.

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Statement from Darren Dreger: A major trade between the CH and the Flames is very plausible for Josh Anderson

If you had the choice, which offer would you prefer for Josh Anderson?

Jakob Pelletier ++1012.2 %
Connor Zary ++67.3 %
Dustin Wolf ++3340.2 %
None, I wouldn't trade Anderson3340.2 %
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