Several NHL Players Including Connor McDavid Share Their Stance on the Ivan Provorov Situation

Published January 19, 2023 at 6:29 PM

Ivan Provorov's situation has undoubtedly ignited the hockey world. Whatever your position is on the matter, it has been discussed on social media and in the minds of hockey fans all across the world.

The short version of the tale is that Ivan Provorov decided not to participate in warmups on Flyers pride jersey night because LGBTQ rights are not supported in his religion.

While some comments on the subject have attempted to defuse the tension, others have been rife with unrestrained hatred on both sides.

The only people who truly understand an NHL player's behaviour are his teammates and fellow hockey players.

Now that Sam Gagner, Connor McDavid, and Andrew Cogliano have all commented on the subject, their wisdom is greatly appreciated. Here is a link to their interviews:

We can only hope that this incident will inform hockey fans, regardless of how it is handled.

Source: Hawks Insider
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