Samuel Montembeault knows what's wrong with Juraj Slafkovsky and offers him some sound advice

Published December 27, 2022 at 5:39 PM

In an interview with TVA Sports reporter Anthony Martineau, Samuel Montembeault was honest about the progress of the organization's first overall pick, Juraj Slafkovsky.

He feels that the big Slovak is doing well, but like many, the Quebec goaltender admitted that he would like to see Slaf shoot more often in net:

"He has a good stick and is good at getting pucks. He also has a great shot, but he should use it more often! Overall, I expect him to be good for a long time for the Canadiens." - Samuel Montembeault

There is no doubt that the 18 year old rookie is not using one of his strengths enough which is his shot. Slaf has a heavy shot that can beat any goalie. He also has the ability with his shot accuracy and the same goes for his ability to shoot in tight spaces.

The problem is that he only has 32 shots so far this year, while he has played a total of 29 games. That's far too few for a player who has the ability to score goals. A shot on goal can create many offensive opportunities, whether it's beating the opposing goalie directly, providing a dangerous return for a teammate and even potentially creating a deflected shot.

Obviously, these things come with time and it is a normal process for a player this young to try to please his teammates by attempting a pass, or holding the puck too long instead of taking a shot on net.

It's part of his development and as he becomes more confident on the ice, he will learn to use his shot more.

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