Rumor: Patrick Kane Has Reportedly A Destination Set In Mind

Published August 17, 2023 at 3:00 PM

Patrick Kane is still on the open market. Each week there seems to be a new piece of information that tries to predict his future home. Today a new rumor from Eklund adds a new wrinkle into the equation.

Kane Knows Where He Wants To Go

According to the post on Hockey Buzz from Eklund Patrick Kane already has his focus on a particular team:


This confirms that Kane intends to return to the league next season and has been plotting his next move. Although the post does not reveal the team specifically it does certainly narrow down the list of options.

Timetable For A Kane Contract


As of now Kane likely will not return to action until around Christmas time due to hip surgery he had in the offseason. This likely means he will not sign until after he is healthy and cleared. This gives himself and the supposed mystery team a chance to evaluate where they're at and if a contract makes sense.

Either way, we will see Patrick Kane in the NHL again during the 2023-24 season. Hopefully, with a fully healthy body, Kane can return to his old self and provide a contender with a big boost in the back half of the season.
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Rumor: Patrick Kane Has Reportedly A Destination Set In Mind

Where will Patrick Kane sign?

New York Rangers59.3 %
Buffalo Sabres1222.2 %
Los Angeles Kings814.8 %
Other2953.7 %
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