Recent Decision By Gary Bettman Sparks Outrage Among Canadian NHL Franchises

Published August 30, 2023 at 7:58 PM

The NHL has been trying to grow the game in America for several years now. As part of this, they entered a new broadcast partnership with ESPN and TNT. Since the partnership began hockey fans have been disappointed by the results. Today continues this trend.

NHL Screws Over Canadian Franchises

The NHL announced its broadcast schedule for ESPN, ESPN+ and TNT for the 2023-24 season. Several Canadian NHL franchises will not be able to be seen by American viewers on national television this season.

This tweet showcases how many times each team will play on a major network in the United States. Canadian franchises will get 31 total appearances in the national spotlight. However, 29 of these appearances are split between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers. The other two games both will go to the Vancouver Canucks.

Some Of America's Brightest Stars Not Showcased On National Television

With this announcement, it means that the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens along with two other Canadian teams will get no appearances on American primetime.

This is especially surprising as the Ottawa Senators have Jake Sanderson and Brady Tkachuk who are two of the up-and-coming Americans in the game today. Montreal of course has star sniper Cole Caufield. He is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable American players in the NHL. Unfortunately for both the Canadian teams and American viewers Caufield and the Canadiens will not be showcased this season.

This is the latest in a disappointing start for the television deal with TNT and ESPN. Not showcasing every team that the NHL has to offer us a significant oversight. Especially when some of those teams have American stars.

As Read on- Gary Bettman Screws Over Multiple Canadian teams with recent announcement
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Recent Decision By Gary Bettman Sparks Outrage Among Canadian NHL Franchises

Which team would you most like to see added to the American tv schedule?

Montreal Canadiens5286.7 %
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