Radko Gudas Turned Down Playing In Canada For A Surprising Reason

Published August 8, 2023 at 6:25 PM

Radko Gudas recently signed a three-year contract to play with the Anaheim Ducks. There have been reports that multiple Canadian teams were interested in signing Gudas including the Leafs. According to a recent interview, Gudas stayed away from Canada for a specific reason.

Taxes Influence Gudas Signing

According to Gudas income taxes were a major factor in where to sign for the 33-year-old defenseman. Of course, California where he ended up signing has a 13% tax rate which is higher compared to Florida where he was playing. Gudas talked recently about this in an interview with iSport. Here are his comments:

In Canada, you also start with taxes at more than fifty percent. You can't say that California is different in this regard. It has thirteen percent higher taxes than Florida.

Gudas Takes The Money

Gudas who is heading into the later stages of his career clearly prioritized financial stability when signing his newest contract. He signed a 3-year 4 million dollar per year contract to be in Anaheim.


In many Canadian markets, this deal would not have been nearly as lucrative, especially in Toronto where the cost of living is so high.
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Radko Gudas Turned Down Playing In Canada For A Surprising Reason

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