Seattle Kraken mascot Buoy greeting players as they step on the ice.
Photo credit: The Seattle Times

Paul Bissonnette Squares Off With Kraken Mascot Buoy During Intermission

Published January 1, 2024 at 9:06 PM

Paul Bissonnette has stated on air before that he is creeped out by Seattle Kraken mascot Buoy. Today he had to face the troll-based mascot as he was surprised by him live on air during intermission report at the Winter Classic.

Bissonnette Freaked Out By Buoy Live On Air

The NHL analyst is one of the more outspoken figures in the hockey world. Biz is never afraid to say how he really feels about any given play or idea but today he showed he is afraid of Kraken mascot Buoy.

Paul Bissonnette and Seattle Kraken mascot Buoy have been engaged in a heated trash-talking war for months.

Today, they threw hands at the Winter Classic.

Bissonnette's fight or flight reaction seemed to take hold of him as he first attempted to fight the mascot, who came on set wearing massive boxing gloves. He then ran away from him, ultimately running laps around the set in an effort to stay away from the mascot that creeps him out so much. However, he ultimately was not afraid to lay the body on Buoy as he laid him out with a big hit followed by a body slam at the end of the sequence.

This is the end of this chapter of the rivalry between these two NHL figures, but it seems that the story may not be over yet.

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Paul Bissonnette Squares Off With Kraken Mascot Buoy During Intermission

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