Patrick Kane Rumoured to Western Canadian Team

Published August 16, 2023 at 2:42 PM

Kane's Plan

A few weeks ago, word got out that NHL star Patrick Kane would be holding off on signing any new contracts.

Currently, Kane is in recovery mode from hip surgery, which will keep him sidelined for four to six months. As such, he isn't expected to return to the NHL until around December.

As you can imagine, this has only fueled speculation and rumors about where Kane might eventually end up. One of the most recent and intriguing possibilities to emerge involves the Edmonton Oilers.


Kane in Edmonton?

Whispers of Kane potentially joining the Oilers have been in the air for over a year now.

Initially, the talk subsided, primarily because the Oilers weren't in urgent need of a top-6 forward. Plus, with his prior contract asking for a hefty $10.5 million annually, they couldn't fit him into their budget.

However, circumstances have since changed. Now in his mid-thirties and dealing with injury concerns, Kane is likely looking at a significant decrease in his asking price.

Should Kane be open to a short-term contract with a more modest salary, the Oilers would undoubtedly be enticed to make a move.

Even at 34, despite the injury setback, Kane still has much to offer on the ice.

Teaming up with someone of the caliber of Connor McDavid is an opportunity that doesn't come around often. If presented with such a chance, don't be shocked if Kane seizes it with both hands.

Do you think the Oilers should get Patrick Kane?

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