PK Subban in a social media video calling out Brendan Gallagher.
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PK Subban Calls Out His Former Teammate After Controversial Play

Published January 26, 2024 at 11:35

Noted media analyst and former Montreal Canadien PK Subban just spoke out against one of his former teammates after this incredibly dirty play.

PK Subban Speaks Out Against Gallagher's Dirty Hit

Canadiens' forward Brendan Gallagher had one of the dirtiest plays this year so far, which resulted in him being ejected. During the play, he threw a massive elbow on Islanders defenseman Adam Pelech near the end of the game and made direct contact with Pelech's head.

That's gonna be a suspension for Brendan Gallagher, absolutely trash elbow

The play drew a lot of attention on social media and even noted media person and former Montreal Canadien PK Subban shared his thoughts on the play, calling for his former teammate to be suspended.

I hate to say it, but this hit is worthy of a suspension.

It has been pretty unanimous that this play was dirty, and that it is worthy of a suspension, but it still remains as to how many games Gallagher will get.

Insiders Reveal That Gallagher Will Not Recieve More than 5 Games

We do know, however, that Gallagher will not receive more than 5 games, as NHL insiders have discovered that his hearing will be over the phone and not in person.

Brendan Gallagher's hearing with @NHLPlayerSafety today for an illegal check to the head of #isles Adam Pelech is a phone hearing and guarantees his suspension will be no longer than five games.

Clearly, the NHL Player Safety Department will be criticized for whatever decision they make today, as it was widely speculated that Gallagher should receive a lengthy suspension, and will only receive up to 5 games.

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PK Subban Calls Out His Former Teammate After Controversial Play

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