Norman Flynn comments on another very bad deal he proposed involving Cole Caufield and it's making the rounds

Published December 6, 2022 at 9:08 PM

RDS analyst and BPM Sports contributor Norman Flynn is quite a character. He really has a mouth on him and is not afraid to make public statements, either on radio or television, that may come back to haunt him one day.

We've already told you about the bad deal he proposed, involving Nick Suzuki and Wayne Simmonds, but it's not the only one that has aged very badly that Flynn has made in his career.

In 2020, near the trade deadline, when the Habs were far from the playoff picture, he proposed a trade that involved young sensation, and recent 15th pick in the organization, who was 19 years old, Cole Caufield, in return for then 29 year old veteran Kyle Palmieri.

Needless to say, this deal would have been another monumental disaster. He would have traded a future NHL star in Caufield, for a player who finished the season with 45 points in 65 games.

To justify himself, Flynn says he understood and had embraced at the time what Marc Bergevin wanted to do, which was to win a Stanley Cup with his number one goalie.

The problem with that is that there was no need to trade Caufield if the goal was to deplete the organization's young assets to go out and get players to try to win now. The problem is that Norman was trading the organization's best prospect for a veteran on the downswing instead of going after a bigger fish.

If an organization is going to put their best prospect on the line in a trade, it has to be for a much bigger player than a Palmieri. That's exactly the same observation for his other mediocre Suzuki-for-Simmonds proposal.

Nevertheless, you still have to admit that Flynn doesn't hide when confronted with his controversial comments, even taking the criticism in a humorous way.

Here's what he had to say about his Caufield - Palmieri deal:

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Norman Flynn comments on another very bad deal he proposed involving Cole Caufield and it's making the rounds

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