No One Is Safe As Oilers Enter Panic Mode

Published November 23, 2023 at 8:36 PM


Ryan Rishaug, a TSN reporter based in Edmonton, recently provided significant insights into the Edmonton Oilers' potential trade strategy. Contrary to earlier reports, Rishaug suggests that the Oilers are considering a more active role in the trade market. According to him, the Oilers, with the exception of their first-round pick and two key players, are open to trading various assets including prospects, second-round picks, and roster players.

Oilers/Holland thread: All eyes are on Ken Holland right now and rightfully so. My sense is, outside their first round pick, all assets and options (29,97 aside) are in play to try and find a fix. Prospects, 2nd rounders, roster players, all of it on the table.../

Edmonton Oilers Putting It All Out There To Dig Out Of Playing Desperate Hockey

Rishaug identifies several areas the Oilers need to address to remain contenders. These include acquiring players with Stanley Cup experience, physicality and toughness, and positive locker room presence and energy. He specifically mentions Pat Maroon as a potential fit for these needs. Maroon, known for his experience, toughness, and positive impact in the locker room, could be a valuable addition, especially considering the Minnesota Wild's current struggles, which might make them open to a trade.

Pat Maroon helping the Wild to a 5-8-4 record is exactly what the Oilers need too

Maroon Could Make a Triumphant Return To Edmonton

Furthermore, Rishaug brings up goaltender Jack Campbell, suggesting he might get another opportunity in the NHL this season. Campbell's improving performance in the AHL indicates he could be a solution to the Oilers' goaltending issues.

However, Rishaug emphasizes the importance of the Oilers' core players finding their form quickly. He implies that their performance is crucial and will significantly influence the team's decisions in the coming weeks. This period will be pivotal in determining the direction of the Oilers' season, with trade decisions and internal improvements both playing key roles in their strategy.

I have zero faith anything good will come of this season. And I hope I'm wrong on this, but for seasons to come. We as fans have been patient enough. My hope and excitement has turned to apathy. I'm not the only one. Ken Holland has destroyed this franchise.

1. They aren't going to make a trade of any substance if the 1st rounder isn't on the table. 2. Mcdavid and Draisaital were -3 and -4 last night. It's not gonna matter who's in net if those two don't play defence. 3. The fix needs to happen now. Being patient isn't an option

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No One Is Safe As Oilers Enter Panic Mode

will the oilers make a big trade soon?

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