Nick Foligno Speaks on the Recent Corey Perry Incident

Published November 29, 2023 at 10:31

Corey Perry was placed on waivers for contract termination by the Chicago Blackhawks yesterday.

The full explanations haven't been released, but this move is sending shockwaves through the entire NHL.

Perry was a respected player and it's been a tough few days for many players, especially his current teammates.


Foligno Opens Up on Perry's Departure from the Blackhawks

Nick Foligno, another respected veteran in the Blackhawks' locker room, commented on the situation:

"It's stunning, to be honest with you. We all care about Corey. But we understand that there's a standard we're going to be held to. So it's a really hard day for all of us and it's hard when you don't have all the details to comment fully. But you care about the person and we care about this organization, and they're going to do what's best for all of us and we have to know that and understand there's a standard we have to get to."

Seth Jones also shared his opinion:

"We don't have any details of what happened, but I know the organization wants to keep a level of conduct here, and make it a place where we hold each other to a standard. I guess that was broken."

Throughout his career, Perry had a positive impact on his teammates and we can see in their declarations that it's not an easy situation. Not only are they losing a great player, but also a leader and a friend. However, they understand that actions have consequences and that Perry crossed the line.

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Nick Foligno Speaks on the Recent Corey Perry Incident

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