New Frontrunner Emerges as Favourites to land an NHL franchise

Published May 16, 2023 at 9:30

The NHL has shown its desire to expand its horizons. They have held games around the globe and have created two new teams since 2017.

Now, it seems that a new franchise is on the way.

New Frontrunner Emerges as Favorites to Land an NHL Franchise

On the list of contenders, Sacramento, in California, has recently thrown its hat in the ring. However, this proposition seems a tad unconventional given the trio of NHL teams already playing under the California sun - the Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, and San Jose Sharks.

The talks of Vivek Ranadivé, owner of the Sacramento Kings, acquiring the Ottawa Senators have ignited many speculations among NHL insiders and executives.

But does Sacramento have what it takes to get an NHL franchise?

Sacramento already has an arena with a capacity to host over 17,000 fans. Sure, incorporating a hockey rink would require infrastructural tweaks, but this challenge isn't impossible given the successful hosting of both NBA and NHL teams in many arenas.

One of the main issues is that the Canadian market has waited a long time for a new team. Quebec, for example, is ready to have a team. Unfortunately for them, they seem to be overlooked compared to US cities like Salt Lake City and Sacramento.

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New Frontrunner Emerges as Favourites to land an NHL franchise

Where do you think the next NHL team will be based?

Quebec4448.4 %
Sacramento55.5 %
Salt Lake City1920.9 %
Other2325.3 %
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