NHL Network's Top 50 Prospects Drops Former Top Prospect Down

Published August 12, 2023 at 7:59 PM

Every offseason is filled with talk of which team has the best prospect pool. Many different outlets create top prospect lists and debate runs wild with each new release. Today the NHL Network released their Top 50 prospects and the results have many debating. One prospect, in particular, has caused quite a stir with how far he has been dropped.

Shane Wright Falls To 15

Shane Wright the former OHL exceptional status prospect has found himself at 15 on this year's iteration of the top prospects list. This is a major drop from his place last season.

The Top 50 Prospects in the NHL, revealed.

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Heading into the 2022 NHL Draft Wright was considered by many the top prospect in the class but eventually fell to 4 and was selected by the Seattle Kraken. After a year where Wright bounced around from the NHL to the AHL to the OHL, he has fallen out of favor with some in the hockey world.

Wright Adds Another Chip To His Shoulder

While Shane Wright likely won't pay attention to the NHL Network's rankings if he were to it would be the latest chip he could put on his shoulder. After breaking goal-scoring records for his age in the OHL Wright has gained a lot of doubters that he will be an elite NHL player in the future.

While he has not been the generational NHL talent that some expected after his first season in the OHL Shane Wright is still a very good prospect who showed flashes of excelling at every level he played at. It will be exciting to watch his progress in his second year post draft whether that is in the NHL or back in minor hockey.

As Read On - Blade Of Steel - The NHL Network has released their top 50 prospect rankings, showing just how far Shane Wright has fallen
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NHL Network's Top 50 Prospects Drops Former Top Prospect Down

What is Shane Wright's most likely role in his peak?

Elite #1 Center58.8 %
Top-six Center2442.1 %
Top-nine Center2035.1 %
Bottom liner814 %
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