NHL Insider Reveals The Next Potential Oilers Starting Goaltender

Published November 28, 2023 at 2:03 PM

This NHL insider has just revealed who he believes the Edmonton Oilers will bring in to be the next starting goaltender in Edmonton to pair with Stuart Skinner.

Craig Button Reveals that Edmonton Is Likely To Trade With Montreal For Jake Allen

The Edmonton Oilers are in a tricky situation, as they require a solution between the pipes and don't have much to offer up in terms of a trade. The Oilers are looking to win this year, which is now a long shot, but in order to do so they need to find another formidable goaltender to help Stuart Skinner.

"It's certain that I think young goalies like Yaroslav Askarov, Dustin Wolf, and Jesper Wallstedt can be starting goalies one day, but the Oilers can't take a chance with a young goalie right now.

They don't have the luxury of waiting. [...] Teams don't want to trade #1 goalies, so they need more of a good goalie who can help and support Stuart Skinner, and I've been saying this from the start, I really believe Jake Allen is that goalie!

Jake Allen would be the best goalie to acquire today for the Oilers, he would be perfect for them. If I am Ken Holland, I want no other goalie than Jake Allen." - Craig Button

Craig Button believes that the goaltender is Jake Allen of the Montreal Canadiens. Montreal is in a unique place, with extra goaltenders under their belt, and they could take advantage of the Oilers' desperation to turn things around this year.

Oilers Would Need To Throw Sweetener In For Whatever Deal They Can Come Up With For Allen

Unfortunately for the Oilers, every GM in the NHL knows that they are desperate for a trade to turn their season around. It is likely that Montreal will take advantage of this, and ask for a sweetener in whatever deal is offered. This might be a prospect, like Xavier Bourgault, or next year's draft pick.

Mock Trade

To Edmonton:
Jake Allen
Sean Monahan 50% retained

To Montreal:
A1 prospect
First round pick
Contract dump

This is a risk that the Oilers need to be calculated in making, as they may have already dug themselves a hole they can't get out of, and a trade now would just hurt them in the long run.

As seen on Hockey OTB - "Oilers' Most Likely New Starting Goalie Revealed by Top Insider Craig Button"
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NHL Insider Reveals The Next Potential Oilers Starting Goaltender

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